Monday, November 16, 2009

Spooks 8 - 3

Not much Lucas aka Richard Armitage in episode 3. This one has its ups and downs. Continuity problems are the worst of it, and a sad ending is a very high point. My mind is cartwheeling and skipping about with excitement after seeing the episode 4 preview so no juice left for ep3.

Silly Blog Entry Warning

This isn't really a review of ep 3 but more like a mini fanfic about what was happening while Ros was tied up with the Bendorf group in the underground bunker. Jo and Lucas were getting bored waiting for the lift...

 They’d sent out tweets, poked facebook friends and caught up on their blogging.
“So…who'd you get for the Secret Santa this year?” asked Jo.
“Harry," he replied. "And you?"
“Ros. I’m getting her another stun gun. What’re you getting Harry?"
“Er…a Little Guy doll.”

“How did you get …with the horse?” She gaped her trademark deer-headlights look.

“No, just the Guy.”
“Who’s your source?”

“You know I can’t tell you that.”  He really couldn't, it wasn't his proudest moment.

Jo was secretly jealous of any man-doll wearing more eyeliner than her. "If you tell me, I'll tell you what your present is," she tempted.
Lucas walked around considering it.

"OK, tell me first."
"It's clothing...a pair of pants," she admitted, but said no more. Ros would kill her if word got around.

"Ok, I'll forward you my source's email," Lucas said.


Anonymous said...

Better than ep8.3.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I want my secret santa to give me a little guy... or a pair of Edward undies. haha. :)
Oh wait- I don't have a secret santa!
DANG IT. I like your fanfic. :)

Sarah Hilary said...

FAR superior to the actual episode - thank you! I shall be following your blog avidly. Just in case, you know, they manage to mess up the impending torture episode and I need somewhere to openly weep and strop.

Avalon said...

Cute...But I would have Jacob undies instead of Edward...

Mulubinba said...

Great post!! I actually liked this episode and not much of Lucas is just typical Spooks as it is an ensemble show. That aside, I think Ep 4 might be quite good from what I've read on the Spooks Information Forum.

Ragtag, I never had you pinned as a person who would possess a "Guy" doll ... or you, RAFan!! What do people (RA fans) do with them ???? Are they like Barbie dolls? ... does he come with clothes that can be changed? The mind!

Starheart said...

Hey Mulubinba!
No I don't have a Little Guy doll, but I love watching what people do with their Guy dolls tongue in cheek. People have marvellous fun with them like here.

and there's this Little Guy tagging that goes on C19 on posts like 'Sir Guy's Most Excellent Adventures' under North South Central :: Robin Hood.

Thanks for your comments everyone. I apologise for any cringes from picturing Lucas trying on his Eddy undies.