Friday, December 4, 2009

Spooks 8 - 5

In last week's episode a little of Lucas' angst was resolved and I experienced a well fed glow. Thank you Richard Armitage. But I'm still holding out for dessert - Sarah Caulfield's discovery and downfall. Will Lucas stab her in a fit of sexual rage a la Guy/Marian or will it be a hair-pulling hissyfit with Ros? One can only hope and dream.

Manet from the Impressionists looking Spooky

Call me old fashioned but much of my Spooks interest comes from the longer story arcs. Partly because I don't have the smarts to follow the disaster of the week first go, and partly because guest stars are knocked down like bowling pins every episode - Oleg was the exception. My heart so wants to bleed for the victims and villains, but I see no profit in the emotional investment when I'm rushed through motives quicker than Phylly3 can say 'Glove Porn'. My brain filters out exposition as noise and goes into standby until things calm down. I think it's still on standby now.

Glove porn, Spooks and RH style

Maybe I'm in the minority who weren't stirred by this episode. I was having a bad day, and I turned it off halfway to cook lunch. These episodes are the culmination of a whole week's anticipation, and I chose to cook! Conversely my *groan*-it's-that-guy-again partner has been conquered. I'd always dreamed that RA would win him over but I always thought I'd be in that moment too instead of draining pasta.

 Wake up sleepyhead

Anywho, by this episode there's enough momentum going to make Ros my second favourite character. (Sorry Ruth, it was fun the first episode but you've been dead wood since) Last week Lucas dealt with a ghost from the past, this week it's Ros' turn with a crusty old mentor. She's bottled up tighter than a rogue nuclear sub, but I believe there are cracks appearing now.

I miss Jo

Where's the evidence? At gunpoint I heard her voice waver. I know it's not much, but normal Ros could have taken him down with a fork. Normal Ros would have already cleared the table. We all know Ms Myers is the section D alpha shemale but methinks her tough inner totty is struggling to close the Baby Spook file. "Maybe I deserve it, if not for this than for other decisions where innocent people got hurt. Don't make a decision you can't live with." This sounds like guilt to me. Or am I reading too much into it?

She said she wanted 'coffee', he thought she wanted 'coffee'

As for Lucas, I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw he chose NOT to give Sarah the keys to his swanky new love nest. Remember what happened last time he did that? What's the point of total recall if you have a selective memory Lucas? True love doesn't bug your flat. Wake up and smell the Evil. Finally he admits to having ignored his Spooky sense when it comes to She of the Dark Roots. "I've run out of other explanations".

 Her roots are showing her true colours

What I loved was Lucas calling Ros right after 'taking one for the country'. He and Ros mesh so well as BFFs, she's the muscle and he's the needy chin wobbler staring at himself in the dressing table mirror. They've both been tortured, both cynical of the 'system', and they both live the job. It makes sense to me, which is probably why it won't go anywhere.


Mulubinba said...

I liked this Ep. Ragtag. Ros is also my second favourite character - a steamy relationship between Lucas and Ros would be very interesting indeed. Naturally she would be the dominant one ... or would she? I'm relieved Lucas decided to assert himself by finally seeing through Sarah (She of the Dark Roots" ), but going by the preview I saw for episode 6, I have a dreadful feeling that Sarah is going to wheedle her way out of the situation. I hope Lucas remains tough and doesn't soften.

bZirk said...

Too much great stuff to comment on without reposting the whole review. It's a masterpiece! :D Yes, I'm grinning but not with a wink.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

HAHAHA! I always love your take on things. Clever yet witty as always. I laughed out loud many times. :)

Phylly3 said...

Hahahaha! You kill me! I will now only refer to it as GP. But seriously, I had never heard of GP before Eleveth's Journal. I really wonder what happened to her!?
Thanks for posting those pictures!

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

The reference to Phylly and her love of GP is one of the first things that had me laughing out loud! :)

I just saw ep. 6 yesterday and I'm looking forward to your review on it.

Starheart said...

@Mulubinba, yeah i'm with you there. I really hope someone out there will write some good fanfics where they get it on - growr! And She of the Dark Roots gets her commupance big time.

@bzirk, thanks! I'm glad you liked it, my head is growing enormous as i re-read your praise.

@phylly3 I took a look at that LJ entry, what a funny picspam! It must be really easy on LJ to deal with images. Blogger can be so clunky and buggy, i can't imagine doing such an image heavy post with this thing.

@Nat many thanks, and if you don't mind, i'm thinking of how to post that trophy pic of RA somewhere on my site. My honest scrap award got chewed up by the blogger machine a few edits ago, and so that trophy spot is empty and waiting.
Yes i'm looking forward to my ep6 post as well, hopefully the sooner the better!

Avalon said...

""She's bottled up tighter than a rogue nuclear sub, but I believe there are cracks appearing now"" hilarious and it is about time she revealed some type of emotion.

Starheart said...

Avalon, i know what you mean about the (lack of expressed) emotion! Remember in ep4 during the countdown? Talk about deadpan delivery. She was a tough cookie.

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Let me know if you want me to resize your trophy pic on photobucket to make it easier to post on your sidebar. :)

Longpig said...

LOL! Your Spooks reviews always have me laughing. Oh man! You are so spot on. I hope Lucas is stronger next season...

Starheart said...

Ren thanks!
Too bad it's over for another year. I reckon Lucas has no choice but to be stronger, with Ros gone and all, he'll have to step up!