Thursday, January 7, 2010

Welcome to Cranford. You have 15 minutes

Imelda Staunton as Miss Pole

In Cranford news travels by short bouncy woman. Being the town tweeter is a lofty responsibility to Miss Pole. That feather antenna can sniff a story just whispers away from scandal, and also helps her look taller.

Eileen Atkins as Miss Deborah

The long hand of justice smells of rosewater and lavender. As magistrate of manners, Miss Deborah upholds etiquette as Cranford law. Her power of disapproval guards the town against errant behaviour, social calamity and vulgar poses while sucking your orange.

Judi Dench as Miss Matty

This gentle spinster proves 60 is the new 50. Miss Matty wouldn't just turn the other cheek, she'd roll over and let you scratch her tummy... oops that's Cranford cat. Her pliable nature allows change and compromise. She stumbles into the heroine spot as a dark horse in bonnet and lace.

A friend told me "You're like an old woman!". I hope it's my wisdom and maturity, but I think she meant my quirks and set opinions. I do see myself in these 3 ladies.

Me as Miss Matty:
I shouldn't blog about chemistry or cookbooks; too many liquids. Does anyone want more jasmine tea? I can still make that last coach to Manchester.

As Miss Deborah:
On this blog the following terms are deemed undignified: bending, peach-sucking and big nose. Let us retire to our rooms to think of those terms in solitude.

As Miss Pole:
My partner liked Cranford so much he made screencaps! Now what do you think of THAT?


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

HAHA! Love Cranford! I laughed out loud at your assessment of the Miss Pole's antenna and comparing yourself to the 3 ladies. :)

Did you finish watching it, or have you still only seen the first part? :)

Starheart said...

Nat, yeah did finish but didn't want any spoilers in this posting.
More Cranford is coming...

MrsMixx said...

ohhh I loved Cranford! I read the book and watched the Mini series. I had lots of fun with this series.
The Crandford Christmas episodes were so good, maybe even better than the old episodes =)

Miss Pole is so funny, i love the feather Antenna lol i think she got live feed from all the town's gossip ;)

Starheart said...

Thanks for stopping by PattePoilue, Cranford is such a treat. It's like the sitcom of period dramas. Livefeed, i like that!

Phylly3 said...

Finally watched the first episode the other night! Hahaha! Loved it!
One character's comment had me laughing out loud: "Miss Pole is GESTICULATING!"
Laughing and crying in the same show...exactly my cup of tea!

Starheart said...

Cranford needs a bigger audience! More people need to see this gem. Phylly3 my favourite Miss Pole moments are when she says nothing. Just the LOOK ON HER FACE!!!!!