Monday, April 4, 2011

Game of Thrones: Episode 1 Preview

"I've been dealt a cruel blow by the hand of fate"

That's what I thought today as I clicked in vain on the links to this preview. Work has provided me a laptop for my travels.

No administrative rights sorry.
No Flash player installed sorry.
No Youtube allowed sorry.
Apparently my version of Windows 7 is not authentic either, it claims.

That's ok. I've only waited 2 years for this moment. Thankfully this hotel has a business centre. I'm saved!

What? No speakers? Haha, a trip to the mall has fixed that! Now nothing stands in the way of my ep1 fix. Nothing!

So... I can't embed it into this post because I'm on a foreign language version of internet explorer and I have no idea what the Chinese (Traditional) words for 'Embed video' are. Here's the link.

Just waiting for it to load up...brb


Traxy said...

Nice to see you back, Ragtag! :) GoT starts on Sky Atlantic here in the UK in a couple of weeks. Looking forward!

Starheart said...

Hi Traxy, that was quick!
Yes me too. In a couple of weeks I'll be home thankfully so there will be no excuses for irregular blogging. Guilty.