Tuesday, March 23, 2010

RA Fnstrvgnz Poll Results

That's the wrap! Thanks to all those who voted, spilt punch, kicked the karaoke box and staggered away with the designated driver.

Here's the results, clicking the poll title will take you back...

When did you detect there was more to Thornton than Evil Cotton Overlord?
"Stevens!": 4%
"Meet my new friend and first proper pupil Mr Thornton": 24%
The Master's meeting: 1%
The 1000 mile stare: 9%
Margaret and John's tea tiff: 40%
"I believe I have seen hell, and it is white, snow white": 3%
"I would like to play the overbearing master": 5%
The Strike: 2%
The Proposal: 2%
The Train Scene: 5%
Other: 3% (Eg The credits)

What's your favourite Thornton heel spin moment?
The Proposal "I understand you completely" : 27%
"I'm looking to the future": 10%
The great exhibition: 21%
Margaret says goodbye Milton: 15%
At the train when Margaret gets her bag: 24%
When Margaret lies about her brother but Thornton sees the coat: 1%

The snidest comment from my failed conversion attempts:
This is just like Pride & Prejudice but with an ugly Darcy and crap Pemberley: 26%
I hate men who are like that with their mums. Gross: 2%
That guy's not leading man material. Look at his nose: 22%
That girl's fat: 10%
Her dad's piss-weak and her mum whines a lot: 2%
They're not very good Christians are they? They never pray: 4%
Is this another of your silly obsessions?: 18%
When does it get good?: 10%
As if that'd happen! They're in public!: 6%

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tyme_4_t said...

Thank you for all the work you did with the fanstRAvaganza!
Enjoyed your posts!

Traxy said...

Ooh, I voted for all the winners apparently. Great poll topics! :)

Ragtag said...

Thanks tyme, traxy.
I'm glad you've enjoyed it. What a blast!