Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who's that on the front cover? Is it...

I never pictured Rand so BUFF

If you read a lot of fantasy novels I'll bet at some point you've
1. Looked at the cover
2. Wondered "Is that ...? Nah, it can't be!...No seriously, what were they thinking?
3. Taken a closer look at hair colour, clothes, setting in the vain hope it's not who you think it is
4. Thought back to earlier books in the series in a desperate attempt to think of someone else it could be
5. Resigned yourself to a little giggle everytime you see the cover

It's happened to me for the Wheel of Time series. Conan the Barbarian has a lot to answer for.


Avalon said...

I do this when I pass some of those romance novels as well....

Traxy said...

I never pictured Rand so UGLY! ;)

So you read WoT too? Yay! :D The WoT covers are... well, nicely painted and all but they're just so... so WRONG! And it's not the only one in the series either. Good thing I'm not reading them for their covers.

Hm, maybe this is my cue to read the latest instalment before the next one comes out in a few months. My hubby read the most recent one when it came out and said it was good. He got to read it first because my head was too wrapped up in psychology books to fancy reading anything more complicated than Mills & Boon. Otherwise I would've gone first, as I'm the one who got him to read them. :) Got summer holidays for another month, so I think it's time to get crackin' before my brain gets hacked to pieces again.