Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Enjoying the Fanstravaganazaaaaaaaaaa?

Now that everyone's been mingling all around the blogs it's time for some serious soul searching.

Has anyone noticed that Mr Thornton loves a huffy exit in the opposite direction? 

What's your favourite Thornton heel spin moment?
Not sure what I'm talking about? Here are some memory joggers.

The Proposal "I understand you completely" ... huff
"I'm looking to the future" ... huff

The great exhibition - If looks could kill, 
Margaret says goodbye Milton. "Never to come back?" ... huff sniff

At the train when Margaret gets her bag - Technically it's Margaret that heel spins but Thornton hits back with his own anguished huffy.
There are other huffs too, so leave me a comment if you prefer one of those. Or just leave a comment anyway!

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tyme_4_t said...

I voted for the exhibition based on your pic with the daggers!!LOL

Another scene that may be huff-worthy...when John sees Margaret & her brother saying goodbye at the station.
Or when he comes to call on her and notices the man's coat & luggage in the come to think of it ... That would be my favourite huffy exit.

Avalon said...

Great graphics!

Anonymous said...

This was REALLY hard. I voted for the Great Exhibition, but only by a nose over Margaret says goodbye to Milton. What a creative question!

MaryKwizMiz said...

wonderful poll and pics. Love the daggers, ROFL.
I's say the exhibition, Proposal a close second. He does hurt&huff so well :D

Phylly3 said...

Oh yes! When Margaret says goodbye, that was quite the heel spin! I got pretty misty there.
But as Tyme_4_tea says...the scene where he comes to visit and thinks he's not welcome, and Margaret can't tell him about the brother...!
I felt so BAD for him there and her too! Later I thought..she's really a bad at lying! She should have just admitted to a visitor, but lied about who he was! DUH!
LOL well...I sympathize because I'm a bad liar too!

Traxy said...

The Great Exhibition made me lol last time I watched it, so that's the one for me! Sooo brilliant!

And it wasn't even in the book.

Starheart said...

Yes, there are a fair few huffy moments I didn't include. Another one is that street meeting between Margaret, Mr Bell, Thornton and Anne Latimer.
"Good day" *Hat tip, glower, storms off*
My fav is still the Great exhibition purely because of that extreme evil JT shoots at a rather smug looking Henry. Ooooh!!

mulubinba said...

"I'm looking to the future". I can't remember the exact words but his words cut to the heart, imo ... and then he turned his back on her......

Nat at RA FanBlog said...

I never noticed before how many times Thornton does a huffy spin & exit. :) Great post!