Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Welcome to the first ever Richard Armitage Fanstravaganzaaaaaaaaaaa! 

An event such as this deserves caps lock. We RA-holic bloggers have decided to use our international powers of distraction for good, not evil, and host a BLOG CRAWL. From 16th to 23rd of March 2010 we will be hosting a series of polls and fan features. Blog hopping is highly advised! Tuesday morning the Aussie bloggers kick off celebrations. When it's Tuesday everywhere else, check out:

Avalon at Avalon's blog
Skully at The Spooks Fan Blog
Traxy at The Squeee
Mulubinba at An RA Viewer's Perspective
Susan at Me+Richard
Nat at The RA Fan Blog 

Each blogger is hosting polls (and maybe more) at their site focusing on one of Richard's roles. Lucky me got North & South. (Score!) John Thornton was my introduction to RA and the reason for all the gushing these past few months. Special thanks to Nat for all the overlording and letting me on the bandwagon!

My polls will appear on the right hand panel. Check back for more...
So here's a little something familiar to start:

When did you detect there was more to Thornton than Evil Cotton Overlord? 
Here are some amateur images to jog your memory.


"Meet my new friend and first proper pupil Mr Thornton"

The Master's meeting

The 1000 mile stare

Margaret and John's tea tiff

"I believe I have seen hell, and it is white, snow white" - I know he just walks, but the colour and lighting tell a different story, really!

"I would like to play the overbearing master"

The Strike

The Proposal

The Train Scene - hopefully earlier than this, but I figured this blog needs some lippy.
Please leave me a comment if your moment isn't one of the above. Vote on that right-hand panel!


Nat at RA FanBlog said...

Haha, love the poll topic, Ragtag! I still have 8 hours before it's Tuesday here. Of the 7 bloggers, I think my time zone comes in last!

Phylly3 said...

Fantastic you guys!! What a fabulous week it's going to be...and I'm on March Break with nowhere (else) to go! But that's fine because I'll be happy in the Blogosphere!
Great manips Ragtag!

Starheart said...

Oh no I stuffed up! I left out a category from the poll and i can't change it now!!!!!
Left out the master's meeting. :(
Oh well, people can still put it as a comment if this was the 'when' for them.

bZirk said...

Ooh yeah, spreading the love!

tyme_4_t said...

He had me at the credits...
Looking forward to checking out all the polls...

Traxy said...

"Meet my new friend and first proper pupil Mr Thornton" - I mean... surely a man who wants education by your ex-parson dad must be someone in which you'd take an interest? :)

MaryKwizMiz said...

LOL probably when I found out that he was played by RA :D
none of his characters is one-dimensional, and there had to be more to Thornton than evil cotton overlord (I love that description!! :)
but I guess it really was the masters' meeting...

Starheart said...

TeeTotallyNot: Yeah sorry, my bad. My excuse is that it's my first poll, perhaps I shouldn't have been so ambitious with so many radio buttons.

Avalon said...

Sorry I was the late with my post...
Evil cotton overlord...hilarious...but he was handsome

Anonymous said...

I've only seen N&S once so I had to stretch my memory for this one! (I haven't mastered Lucas North's memory regression technique yet, unfortunately). I remember loving the tea moment though, they played it perfectly.

bZirk said...

I was a goner with "proper pupil," but if I hadn't been, I definitely would have been one at the tea scene. I think that might be my favorite scene in the movie.

Maria Grazia said...

It took me time, I know. Only at the train station ...But then I rewatched the whole drama and realized I hadn't been carefully watching the first time.
Brilliant topic!

Fanny/iz4blue said...

He had me at ... proper pupil.
The sparks were flying at the tea tiff! Thanks for all the posts. This fanstravaganza is almost to much timed with the radioplay!